You can now try DALL-E 3 in Bing’s Image Creator for free

Just a quick FYI: You can now preview DALLE-3 in Bing Image Creator before the full chat version launches in ChatGPT Plus in October. The prompt for the image below was “Exterior view of an old junk store in New York in the 80s. The shop sign reads “THE DECODER”. In the window of the store is a sign that says “AI NEWS FOR FREE”. I used the Image Creator via Edge.

Image: DALL-E 3 prompted by THE DECODER

The result seems great, much better than existing systems in following the prompt, but not perfect when it comes to the writing. Let’s see how good the ChatGPT version works, since it offers the option to refine images. The image above is the best one out of four.

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Online journalist Matthias is the co-founder and publisher of THE DECODER. He believes that artificial intelligence will fundamentally change the relationship between humans and computers.

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