Valve rejects Steam games with AI content over copyright concerns



Update July 3, 2023:

Valve tells gaming media that it rejects games with AI content, confirming reports from Reddit. The reason is that the developers cannot prove that they own the rights to the training data of the AI ​​systems.

In principle, Valve would align its processes with the laws, but these are still in the early stages with generative AI. The goal is not to stifle AI innovation, which is “bound to create new and exciting experiences in gaming.”

However, developers would only be allowed to use AI assets in their work with commercial licenses and without infringing on copyrights. Since there has been no clear ruling that generative AI models violate copyright law, Valve is playing defense for now and waiting to see what lawmakers decide.


Regardless of any potential rulings, generative AI providers have the option to train their AI systems with material that can be proven to be in compliance with copyright law.

Original article, July 1, 2023:

Citing uncertainty over the rights to the data used to train the AI, Valve refuses to publish a game with AI-generated content on Steam. The decision is met with mixed reactions from the developer community.

The impending release of a game with AI-generated content sparks a discussion in the developer “AI game dev” community on Reddit. A developer with the handle u/potterharry97 reports that his game was rejected by Valve because it contains AI-generated assets. The developer backs this up with screenshots of Valve’s emails.

Steam justifies the rejection with the unclear legal situation regarding the intellectual property of such assets. After all, artists went a short months ago because their work was used to train AIs like Stable Diffusion and Midjourney without their permission.


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