Unity is now generally available for developers

Apple Vision Pro: Unity is now generally available for developers

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Unity now officially supports Apple’s visionOS, allowing developers to create Mixed Reality experiences, VR games, and 2D content for the upcoming Apple Vision Pro headset.


Unity has announced general availability for Apple’s visionOS. This move allows developers to create virtual experiences for the soon-to-be-released Apple Vision Pro headset. According to Unity, “thousands of developers worldwide” have already participated in the visionOS beta program, which was launched last year in collaboration with Apple. Exact numbers are not known.

The participating studios include Light Brick Studios, which will release a Mixed Reality version of LEGO Builder’s Journey for the launch of Vision Pro. Resolution Games, developer of well-known VR games such as Demeo and Racket Club, is also working on an unspecified project that will first launch on Vision Pro later this year.

With Unity’s support for visionOS, developers can create three kinds of virtual experiences. First, they can create Mixed Reality experiences using Unity’s PolySpatial technology, a feature that blends digital and physical space and can run alongside other apps. Second, they can adapt existing Virtual Reality games or create new ones and lastly, they will be able to create content that runs in a 2D window which can be resized and repositioned in the Shared Space.


Unity becomes the premier game engine platform for Apple Vision Pro

Unity is the most used development environment for mobile VR apps. Last summer, the company released extensive Mixed Reality tools for Meta Quest 3 to make it easier for developers to get started developing AR and VR apps.

Due to the ongoing dispute between Apple and Epic Games — the maker of the Unreal Engine — Unity has also become the main platform for creating 3D and Virtual or Augmented Reality content for Apple’s visionOS.

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