U.S. Army will test improved military Hololens soon


US Army will test improved military Hololens soon

Image: US Army photo by Spc. Chandler Coats, 5th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment

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After problems with the military Hololens, the US Army will soon be testing the improved IVAS 1.2 version for comfort and usability.

Microsoft’s Hololens also had a difficult start in the military sector. In tests, many soldiers complained about the lack of value, headaches, nausea or a display that was treacherously bright.

The revised IVAS (Integrated Visual Augmentation System) is supposed to do better. Microsoft will deliver version 1.2 to the US Army by the end of July 2023, the company told Engadget. Two Army squads will test 20 pieces of the new AR headset in late August. The tests will focus on functionality, reliability and potential nausea.

Military Hololens: Improvements in version 1.2

Microsoft is promoting the latest revision as slimmer, lighter and better balanced. The changes should improve comfort and performance. With previous models, some soldiers complained of problems such as nausea or eye strain after testing.

In April, the US Army explained how the new, lighter model prevents the old problems. For example, the compute unit is now mounted on the back of the helmet, separate from the controller, for more flexible weight distribution and a less front-heavy experience.

Improved eye relief adjustment, better ventilation and a wider peripheral field of view are also said to improve comfort. For more details on the IVAS 1.2’s navigation, image rectification and night vision capabilities, please follow the link.

If the tests are successful, the Army would commission a second field study from July to September 2024, with operational combat testing as soon as April 2025. If these are also positive, IVAS would be operational a few months later, according to Engadget.

Microsoft’s combat AR glasses undergo further testing

In January, US Congress canceled a headset order due to technical and ergonomic problems. Instead of spending more than $400 million to ship additional headsets, lawmakers approved just $40 million for this fiscal year to develop an improved version, Bloomberg reported.

Tea Sales Hololens remains in limbo – it’s uncertain if and when there will be new hardware. Most recently, Microsoft said a hardware update for the Hololens 2 was possible. There has been no word yet on a possible Hololens 3.


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