Try out Meta’s new VR showcase app ‘Decommissioned’

Try out Meta's new VR showcase app 'Decommissioned'

Picture: Meta

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Meta’s new showcase app, Decommissioned, demonstrates the power of social VR gaming experiences. You can try it out for free.

The gameplay is inspired by social deduction games like Among Us. The VR port of the indie megahit quickly became one of Meta Quest 2’s most successful titles after its release in late 2022.

Meta believes that VR games with a strong social component work even better in virtual reality than on a screen. For reasons of social presence, more natural interactions, and added expression through technologies such as hand, eye and face tracking.

To prove that point, Meta has developed a showcase application that highlights these capabilities and serves as a blueprint for developers to create similar VR games.

Here’s what Decommissioned is about

Decommissioned is designed to up to elight players. You find yourself on a Mars colony whose systems are in danger of failing. You must work together at five different stations to keep the system functioning. The situation is further complicated by the fact that there are secret saboteurs among you.

The VR app uses a wide variety of capabilities and APIs of the Quest platform, including Meta Avatars, the Interaction SDK for streamlined interaction with virtual objects, the Oculus Spatializer (so you can see and hear other players as if they’re in the same physical location as you), hand tracking, and Meta Quest Pro’s eye and face tracking. The rendering technique Application SpaceWarp is also used.

Decommissioned is available for free in App Lab.

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