“Tropico” gets an official VR version

Become a dictator on Quest:

Image: Feral Interactive

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The city builder and political sim Tropico has been surprisingly announced for Meta Quest and will be released this month.


Tropico will be released for Meta Quest on March 28.

The VR port is based on the 2011 PC and console version of Tropico 4 and includes:

  • The 20 mission base campaign
  • The Modern Times expansion, featuring an additional 12 mission campaign, further buildings, edicts, plus a game timeline stretching beyond the Cold War and into the 21st century
  • A further ten smaller DLC packs are included, featuring new missions, buildings, island decorations, character traits and avatar outfit

The price of the game is $30. You can now add Tropico to your wishlist on the Quest Store.


Tropico: Play dictator in a banana republic

If you are not familiar with the game series, Tropico is a mix of a building sim and an economic and political simulation with a satirical twist. The game is described as follows:

With a nation’s people crying out for a visionary leader, players will immerse themselves in the world of Tropico and the role of El Presidente in a whole new way. Overseeing construction and jobs, as well as military, trade and foreign affairs, virtual Presidentes are free to transform the sleepy shores of Tropico into a superpower on the world stage. All aspects of day-to-day life can be shaped to meet the growing expectations of the Tropican people, while balancing competing political demands, overcoming natural disasters and navigating diplomatic relations.

Tropico is being developed by Feral Interactive, a British studio that specializes in ports. It is the studio’s first foray into VR. According to Feral Interactive, it has implemented intuitive VR controls and a variety of movement options to allow for effortless city planning and political maneuvering.

There are already a number of city builders available for Meta Quest: Townsmen VR (Quest 3 only), Little Cities, and Cities: VR. We are eager to see if Feral Interactive will be able to successfully adapt the game to the specifics of VR.

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