This Vision Pro app will make your environment look like the Matrix

This Vision Pro app will make your environment look like the Matrix

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A Magic Room shows you how Apple Vision Pro sees the world, transforming your room into a spectacular digital landscape.


Apple Vision Pro uses a LIDAR scanner to create a 3D mesh of your environment in real time, giving it a spatial understanding of your surroundings.

The Vision Pro app A Magic Room uses and visualizes this 3D scan of your environment to transform your room into a colorful swirling landscape, as shown in the video below:


A “Matrix Rain” shader is in the works

To make your environment look exactly like this, you must first walk around and scan the entire room, as the LIDAR scanner only captures the environment within a few meters. Then you can press a button and transform your own home. The walls can “breathe” in wave-like patterns, and you can use knobs and sliders to adjust the look to your liking.

According to the developer, the app uses ARKit and RealityKit shader graphs and is highly extensible and customizable. “Expect crazier room transformations/visualizations in the future”, he writes on X.

The reactions on Reddit have been mostly positive, with the developer being asked if he could implement a shader that is more reminiscent of the “digital rain effect” from the Matrix movies. The developer replied that such a shader will be included in the next update.

The $13 price tag, on the other hand, is more controversial, with one Reddit user calling it a “low-effort cash grab”. It is true that interesting Vision Pro apps are currently in short supply, and mini apps are sometimes offered at high prices. As the ecosystem matures, this should become less of an issue. Vision Pro was released in early February and is only available in the US.

You can buy A Magic Room in the Vision Pro App Store.

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