This awesome Quest Pro demo shows how cool XR will be


This awesome Quest Pro demo shows how cool XR will be

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A Quest Pro demo explores an exciting XR future that lets you control devices with hand gestures and see information throughout your house at a glance.

Meta’s Quest Pro headline features include a color-passthrough camera for mixed reality games and eye-tracking. A recent video made good use of these abilities to give us a first-person view of what might be possible with XR technology in the next couple of years.

XR designer Vova Kurbatov shared the video on Twitter, explaining that the goal was to conceptualize mixed reality interactions, using gaze to select objects. He noted that Meta’s Interaction SDK made detecting hand gestures, pokes, and poses easy.

In the video, glancing at the blinds brings up a virtual control to raise or lower them. You can adjust the thermostat with a thumbs up for warmer or down for cooler. Looking at an open palm shows a menu for more choices.

Gathering information will be equally effortless. Gazing at tech devices reveals their battery levels. A timer or smart sensor lets you know it’s time to water the plant.

This demonstration is currently just a concept, but the technology needed to make it a reality already exists. Within a year or two, XR headsets could gain the required interconnectedness to interact with your environment in this way.

Apple makes a smart home hub, the HomePod, and loves to interconnect technology. When Apple’s XR headset is releasedit will likely interact similarly with smart devices and allow information sharing with an iPhone and an iPad. future AR glasses should be capable of all of this and more, making everything easier.

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Sources: Vova Kurbatov | Twitter


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