Steam survival hit Breathedge is coming to Virtual Reality

Meta Quest 3: Steam survival hit Breathedge is coming to Virtual Reality

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With the spin-off Cosmic Cluck, the humorous space adventure Breathedge will soon be playable on Meta Quest 3.


The release of Breathedge: Cosmic Cluck on Meta Quest 3, Quest 2 and Quest Pro is scheduled for February 22nd. The VR spin-off of the PC survival hit promises a surreal odyssey through space accompanied by an immortal chicken. During the adventure, you will experience crazy quests, collect space debris and even face a boss fight.

In addition to the humorous elements, Breathedge: Cosmic Cluck also features a crafting system where you can make your own tools and even repair a space car. Your feathered companion comments on your actions with a cluck and even becomes a tool himself. For variety, the game lets you visit the space farms of an athlete, a hippie and a criminal genius in addition to your base.


The original Breathedge was well received

Breathedge has been available on Steam for PC since 2021. The wacky survival game is very popular there, with more than 12,000 reviews. In the most recent reviews, the space adventure is rated “mostly positive”. The average of all reviews is “very positive”.

While the first half of the game consists mainly of survival and exploration aspects and thus seems to meet the taste of many players, the second half of the game receives a bit more criticism. Here, the game focuses less on the popular survival aspects.

Instead, Breathedge becomes more of a linear adventure game from about halfway through. In the trailer, Cosmic Cluck looks more like the adventure-heavy part of the original, but it could work much better in Virtual Reality due to the increased immersion.

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