Smash your record collection in this slightly crazy Quest Pro app

Smash your record collection in this slightly crazy Quest Pro app

Picture: Bob Bjarke

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Ever wanted to throw a vinyl record against the wall and watch it shatter into a thousand pieces? An XR app for Meta Quest Pro makes it possible without having to thin out your precious real collection.

Creating playlists is a matter of minutes these days. Thanks to Spotify and the like, a few taps on your smartphone screen and you’ve got your favorite songs. If you grew up in a world without smartphones and MP3s, you know it’s a little more tedious.

Putting together the perfect mixtape for the upcoming weekend house party required a massive record collection. In a tedious back-and-forth process, music fans have spent nights racking their brains and hours transferring songs from various vinyl records to tape.

Now, an XR developer is bringing some of that music nostalgia to Quest Pro, and letting you relieve some of that frustration.

VR record player with destructive mechanism

In a tweet, former Meta employee Bob Bjarke presents an XR prototype developed in Unity, which he describes as a “destructive new way to find music”.

Together with some colleagues he presents the “Wreckommendation Engine”, which was created at the Meta Presence Platform Hackathon. The XR app combines record nostalgia with frustration management.

Vinyl-throwing with Meta Quest Pro

With the Meta Quest Pro XR headset, you can set up a virtual record player in your real-world environment and select vinyl LPs from a record case. If you like what you hear, play the music or add it to your virtual mixtape.

If you don’t like the sound, you can throw the record around your apartment. “If you hate it, you can throw it against a wall and smash it into 1,000 pieces,” Bjarke writes in his tweet.

You can see what looks like in the video in the tweet above. It is not known if the prototype will ever make it to the Quest Store or if a release is planned at all.

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