Recast AI turns lengthy articles into short audio conversations



Recast AI is powered by a proprietary LLM and major commercial models. It turns anything you read into a conversational podcast.

Recast AI transforms content consumption habits by turning lengthy articles into engaging, comprehensive, and easily digestible audio conversations. It reshapes interaction with written content, catering to audiences who don’t have time to read 8,000-word think pieces.

Efficient content consumption

Recast ensures that readers save time without missing important information. It delivers all the information from an article in significantly less time than reading it. Whether it is during your daily commute, household chores, or workouts, Recast allows you to stay informed in less time.

The audio comes in the form of an engaging two-person podcast with a male and female host. It is first interpreted by a model that includes several of the major commercial LLMs, including Open AI’s GPT, along with Recast’s own model.


Meanwhile, the audio uses its own proprietary text-to-speech technology. “This optimizes the holy trinity of quality, cost and speed,” says Recast co-founder Engin Kurutepe.

Deeper understanding and discoverability

Recast’s does more than just summarize. Hosts explain the content in a conversational way to increase the reader’s understanding and make it a more engaging experience. In addition, Recast allows listeners to see and hear what others have recast, similar to the way YouTubers can remix or clip other users’ content.

With Recast, readers no longer have to worry about an accumulation of open tabs or an inbox filled with unread newsletters. Recast quickly converts them into a format they can actually get through, giving users an audio version of their reading list.

In addition to an iOS app, Recast has developed a Chrome extension to make it accessible on any device. Users can simply click a button on their toolbar to “recast” any piece of written content on the web.

The brains behind Recast

Engin Kurutepe, a Berlin-based engineer, co-founded “This is Recast”. He brings his vast experience from his previous roles as Managing Director of Keepsafe VPN and Keepsafe Browse.


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