PC VR streaming to Vision Pro via ALVR gets better and easier

PC VR streaming to Vision Pro via ALVR gets better and easier

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The Vision Pro version of the PC VR streaming application ALVR has been improved over the past month and is now available for download.


ALVR is an open-source alternative to Air Link, Virtual Desktop, and Steam Link, and a Vision Pro port was released on Github in February.

A developer named Max Thomas has since made significant improvements to the app, reducing stuttering, increasing the refresh rate to 96 Hz, adding HDR support, and enabling the use of hand tracking with SteamVR, UploadVR reports.

The program is now also available for download via Testflight. Previously, the code had to be compiled first.


PC VR streaming on Vision Pro: for enthusiasts only

In addition to ALVR, there are other PC VR streaming apps in development for Vision Pro, namely Virtual Desktop and iVRy.

The biggest drawback to PC VR streaming on Vision Pro is that the device does not support VR controllers. Users with SteamVR tracking systems can use their Index controllers and calibrate them with a configuration tool for Vision Pro.

Alternatively, you can play VR games that do not require VR controllers, such as flight or racing simulations. One VR enthusiast got the Cyberpunk PC VR mod to work with Vision Pro, but advises against trying it, as the effort involved is enormous.

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