OpenAI rolls out more than 70 ChatGPT plugins including Internet access


ChatGPT’s plugins introduced in late March are now being rolled out to all OpenAI ChatGPT Plus accounts.

More than 70 third-party plugins will be available to all ChatGPT Plus users by the end of this week. More access is $20 per month.

Once your account is approved, you can enable the plugins in the ChatGPT settings under “Beta Features”. There are two sliders, one for plugins and one for web browsing, which can be enabled independently. Then you can select plugins with the Model Selector and enable individual plugins in the Plugin Store.

You can enable plugins in the Settings, and then use the Model Selector to navigate to the Store, where you can choose between individual plugins. | Picture: OpenAI

ChatGPT uses plugins automatically

According to OpenAI, ChatGPT’s access to plugins works automatically after activation. ChatGPT “knows” when and how to search the Internet for current topics and events or access activated plugins, OpenAI writes.


Among the more than 70 plugins are numerous shopping and search platforms, eg for clothing, real estate, travel, food, and car rentals, as well as practical applications, such as loading the content of a PDF into the chat to discuss it with ChatGPT , generating prompts, or searching for good one-word domains.

Screenshot of a simple App Store Interface.
Over 70 plugins await in the ChatGPT Plugin Store to change the Internet as we know it.

The system currently has one limitation: a maximum of three plugins can be active per chat session. So to get the best result, you have to think about what task you want to solve with ChatGPT and then choose the three best ones from the more than 70 plugins.

Developers interested in plugins can sign up for a waiting list here. Development documentation is available here.

The chatbot platform race is on

After Google announced the international rollout of Bard and the first Bard plugin partners a few days ago and Microsoft made it clear that it also has platform ambitions for Bing Chat, OpenAI follows with its own platform strategy for ChatGPT.

With the plugins, ChatGPT becomes an interface with access to language models with tools. These give the chatbot many new capabilities, such as extracting and explaining content directly from web pages, writing better code, or analyzing and visualizing data.


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