OpenAI opens first international office in London


OpenAI is opening its first international office in London, marking another significant step in its growth strategy.

The AI ​​company cites the city’s cultural diversity and impressive talent pool as key reasons for its choice – characteristics that OpenAI says are ideal for expanding its research and development capabilities. Specifically, OpenAI is looking to build teams in the UK capital across research, engineering, and market-facing functions.

In Europe, but not the EU

The London office also brings OpenAI closer to policymakers, but not too close. With EU regulations on the horizon, the company needs to step up its discourse. With the UK leaving the EU, OpenAI is closer to lawmakers in Brussels, but in some ways removed from their direct influence.

OpenAI intends to continue its research and development work in close collaboration with local communities and policy makers. Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, sees the expansion as a way to attract top talent and foster innovation in AGI development.


OpenAI creates new jobs

With the opening of the new office, OpenAI is also hiring. Several new positions are already available on the organization’s careers page. The expansion underscores OpenAI’s goal of mobilizing a broad base of expertise and talent.

Overall, the opening of the London office is an important step in OpenAI’s global development. The new office will expand the organization’s potential to advance AI and further its mission to make the benefits of AI available to all, it says.

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