OpenAI launches ChatGPT app for Android


Update July 21, 2023:

OpenAI has announced ChatGPT for Android. The app will be released next week and can already be pre-ordered in the Google Play Store.

Update from May 25, 2023:

OpenAI is bringing its ChatGPT app to 11 more countries, including major EU countries such as Germany and France. More countries are expected to follow soon.


Will there be a tipping point where people will start the ChatGPT app instead of Google when they pick up their smartphone to search for something? OpenAI is working hard to get there first.


Original article dated May 18, 2023:

OpenAI begins rolling out its own ChatGPT app on iOS, including voice control via Whisper.

OpenAI’s plans for its own ChatGPT app have been known for some time, and now the company is releasing the first version for iOS. The ChatGPT app is designed to synchronize conversations, be voice controlled, and bring the latest AI models like GPT-4 directly to iOS users via the app.


ChatGPT for iOS is available in Apple’s App Store, with an Android version coming soon. OpenAI has also released a FAQ for the iOS app.

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