Midjourney launches new “Pan” feature for seamless image expansion


Midjourney introduces a new “pan” feature for users to explore and expand their images.

Image generation platform Midjourney just launched its “pan” feature, allowing users to seamlessly expand and explore their images in a more engaging manner.

The new feature works by adding arrow buttons underneath the upscales. Clicking on these arrows will expand the image in the selected direction, effectively “panning” the image.

The new panning interface below your upscales.
The new panning interface below your upscales.

The results can still be a bit weird, and it changes the aspect ratio to 1:1. So zooming out seems to be the better option for now if you just want to see more of your image. Although Midjourney will probably improve the panning function soon.


Pan down. | Image: Midjourney prompted by THE DECODER
Zoom out. | Image: Midjourney prompted by THE DECODER

For a more personalized experience, users can access Remix mode by typing “/settings,” which provides an option to change prompts as they pan their images, making it easier to create dynamic panoramic stories. For example, you can use pan to add specific objects in the image to one side of the image by adding them to the prompt.

Although users can continue to pan their images multiple times, the pan feature currently has some limitations. Variations are not supported on panned images, and zooming out of a panned image reduces its resolution back to its default size.

In addition, users can only pan an image horizontally or vertically, not both at the same time. There is also no control over the amount of panning with each operation, and repetition can occur. To minimize repetition, users are encouraged to change their prompts as they pan to include new details.

Midjourney’s artistic palette grows

Just last week, Midjourney introduced a “–weird” parameter that allows users to create even weirder AI-generated images by adjusting the value of the parameter from 0 to 3000. The new feature combines with existing parameters such as “–chaos” and “–stylize” to further enhance image creativity.


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