Microsoft and French AI startup Mistral announce collaboration



Update from February 28th, 2024:

Mistral CEO Arthur Mensch clarifies in an X-Post that Mistral is still working on open models including weights. However, he asks for patience due to the low computing power available at the moment (“1.5k H100s only got us this far”).

Regarding the collaboration with Microsoft, Mensch emphasizes that Mistral has signed a reseller agreement with Microsoft, which, along with similar partnerships, is expected to accelerate the startup’s growth. As a reseller, Microsoft has invested in a “small convertible note.”

According to Mensch, Mistral remains an independent European company with global ambitions.



Original version dated February 26, 2024:

After OpenAI, Microsoft takes Mistral – another high-profile AI startup – under its wing

Microsoft announces a partnership with French AI startup Mistral AI. This will give Microsoft an even better starting position for AI in Europe.

The two companies aim to bridge the gap between fundamental AI research and practical solutions. The multi-year partnership gives Mistral AI access to Microsoft Azure’s AI infrastructure.

This is intended to accelerate the development and deployment of Mistral’s next-generation Large Language Models (LLMs) and open up new business opportunities for Mistral AI. It will also support Mistral’s expansion into global markets and research.

The collaboration between Microsoft and Mistral AI focuses on three key areas


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