Meta Quest Link update brings 120Hz support for Quest 3 and new PC app


Meta Quest Link update brings 120Hz support for Quest 3 and new PC app

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Meta Quest Link shines in new splendor: The PC app has been overhauled, you can now play at 120Hz and more.


If you use a Meta Quest 3, Quest 2 or Quest Pro for PC VR games or apps, you have some new features to look forward to. Meta has introduced improvements to Quest Link, including a new PC companion app, 120Hz support, and an auto connect feature.

New PC companion app

The Meta Quest Link app replaces the Oculus app and has been extensively updated. Meta confirms numerous bug fixes and enhancements to improve the overall performance, usability, and functionality of Quest Link. If the Oculus app was previously installed on your PC, it will be automatically updated to the new Quest Link app.

120 Hz for Quest 3

Quest Link now supports a 120 Hz refresh rate — but only for PC VR games you stream to Meta Quest 3. You can enable this feature in the new Quest Link app under “Devices”. Select your headset, open the menu, and set your preferred refresh rate in the graphics settings.

USB Auto Connect

If you enable the USB Auto Connect feature, Quest Link will start automatically when you connect your Quest headset to your PC via USB-C. This feature can be found in the Quest Settings under Developer.

Quest Link: More features

  • Developers now have several options for sharing spatial data via Quest Link.
  • The Developer Preferences menu has been consolidated.
  • Meta Quest Link now supports Nvidia 4000-series GPUs, although a blue compatibility warning may be displayed when using Nvidia 4070, 4060, or 4050 GPUs.
  • The power consumption when using Link has been reduced by about 30%, which should increase the battery life to about 140 minutes.


Meta Quest Link: Not the only option for PC VR streaming

Quest Link allows you to connect a Meta Quest VR headset to a PC via a USB cable to play demanding PC VR games. The Quest Link connection transmits a compressed video image from the PC to the VR headset. Since the official end of beta status in October 2020, the former Oculus Link has been continuously improved.

In addition to Quest Link, you can also use the popular VR app Virtual Desktop and more recently Valve’s Steam Link to stream Steam games from your PC to Meta Quest 2, 3 and Pro. One advantage of Steam Link is that there is no need to install an additional streaming app on your PC — Steam and SteamVR are all you need.

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