Meta launches AI image generator and gives celebrity chatbots long-term memory


Meta introduces several updates for generative AI in its products. The image generator is now available outside of chat, and AI images will be watermarked in the future.

Meta’s chatbot “Meta AI” will now provide more precise summaries of search results. The language model will also take on more English-language tasks on Facebook and Instagram, including AI-generated comment suggestions, chat topic suggestions in groups, search results, and improving product descriptions in stores. Influencers will get an AI-powered reply feature in Instagram Messenger.

LLMs take the driver’s seat in Meta’s apps

The Meta AI LLM also powers Meta’s Imagine image generator, which Meta says is one of the chatbot’s most-used features. A new feature is “Reimagine,” which allows users to change AI images with a text prompt and create a new image based on the old one. This feature is also available in group chat, so multiple people can create and edit images together.

The Reimagine function allows Meta AI users to create and modify AI images together. | Image: Meta AI

For Reels, users can ask Meta AI for recommendations for places and attractions. Other applications currently being developed for Facebook use AI to create birthday greetings, edit feed posts, create introductions for Facebook dating profiles, and create new groups.



Meta AI kann Reels zu Touri-Tipps empfehlen.
Meta AI can recommend reels with tourist attractions. | Image: Meta

Meta is also testing AI-generated images on Facebook, a way to display relevant information in groups, suggest topics for new chats and improve search capabilities for friends, Pages, Groups and Marketplace listings.

Meta launches a standalone image generator and celebrity chatbots get long-term memory

The image generator, which is based on the Emu image model, is now available in the US via browser. In the coming weeks, Meta plans to add an invisible watermark to the “Imagine with Meta AI” project to increase the transparency and traceability of AI images.

Emu is also the basis for Meta’s AI video generator Emu Video, which is currently only a research project.

Meta’s AI chatbots, which portray celebrities and famous people and converse with users in their style, will be equipped with long-term memory. This allows users to pick up where they left off in previous conversations.

In addition, more chatbots will get access to the Internet. Meta is working with Microsoft and their Bing algorithm, similar to OpenAI with ChatGPT.


“Multi-round Automatic Red-Teaming (MART)”, in which an adversary LLM automatically attacks the target LLM and checks for vulnerabilities. Meta plans to integrate the MART framework into its AI systems.

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