Meta gears up for election season with new labels for AI-generated content

Meta has announced measures to address the risks associated with the misuse of generative AI technologies, particularly during the 2024 election. Independent fact-checking partners will review and rate AI-generated content, with an “altered” rating for manipulated content, which will be labeled and downgraded. Meta will also label photorealistic images generated by its own image AI system and is developing tools to label AI-generated images from Google, OpenAI, Microsoft, Adobe, Midjourney, and Shutterstock. It will also add a feature for users to disclose AI-generated video or audio content, with penalties for non-disclosure. Advertisers running ads related to social issues, elections, or politics will be required to disclose the use of digitally created or altered media. Meta recently announced that it will comply with the CP2A standard on its platforms.

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