Kiwi’s Vertical Charging Stand does almost everything right

Quest 3 accessory review: Kiwi's Vertical Charging Stand does almost everything right

Image: Kiwi Design

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With the Vertical Charging Stand, Kiwi Design delivers a black stand with charging function for the Quest 3. Is it any good?

When the Quest 3 was announced, Meta already presented an extensive range of official accessories. Since the former Facebook company is not cheap when it comes to VR accessories, third-party alternatives are much more interesting for many VR fans. One such company is Kiwi Design, whose Vertical Charging Stand is a real alternative to Meta’s docking station.

Quick and easy to set up

Kiwi’s RGB Vertical Charging Stand consists of seven plastic parts that are quick and easy to assemble. The stand is lightweight and has non-slip surfaces on the bottom. You slide the “neck” onto the base and the support brackets onto the top. These will hold the rear end of a head strap such as the Metas Elite Strap or the Kiwis Comfort Battery Head Strap.

A Meta Quest 3 on a Kiwi Vertical Charging Stand.

There is also enough space in the holder for the VR controllers if you have protective covers on them. | Image: MIXED

At the top is a recess for headphones or other accessories, and at the front you can slide in the RGB-lit shelf for the headset. On its bottom, you put two more holders for the VR controllers on the left and right, and the Vertical Stand is complete.

Thanks to the weight in the stand and the non-slip bottom, the construction is rock solid. The headset sits neatly and has plenty of room on the front shelf. The VR controllers also fit into the holders if you put silicone grip covers over them. However, there is no charging function for the controllers.

Charging dock without charging cable, but with nice RGB lighting

Power is supplied via a USB-C cable, which is not included. So you should definitely plan for it. The socket is located on the back of the front panel. You can reach it via a small recess at the back of the neck.

I would have liked to see an integrated cable guide here so that the cable runs neatly along the back of the stand, or better yet, is invisible. As it is, it hangs loosely from the stand, which looks a bit inelegant.

A Meta Quest 3 on a Kiwi Vertical Charging Stand.

You control the RGB lighting via three inconspicuous buttons on the underside of the stand. | Image: MIXED

The edge of the front shelf is decorated with an embedded RGB light strip. It is controlled by three buttons on the bottom of the panel. You can change the color scheme of the RGB lighting, make it pulsate, or turn it off completely. The power for the headset comes from a flexible rubber tube about five centimeters long on the right.

If you have a Kiwi Comfort Battery Head Strap, you can take advantage of the convenient magnetic connector that charges the headset and extra battery at the same time. A USB-C adapter for the magnetic hose is included for easy connection directly to the headset.

Verdict: Very good Meta Quest 3 charging station

If you are looking for an alternative to Meta’s overpriced docking station for the Quest 3, Kiwi’s Vertical Stand is a good choice.

The RGB light strip adds to the simple and practical design, but is more of a gimmick than a useful feature. The components are sturdy and cleanly finished, there are no sharp or uncleanly finished edges, and the stand is stable. The cabling through the back could be solved more elegantly with a cable guide, but is perfectly fine as it is. Those who use Kiwi’s Comfort Battery Headset will also benefit from the handy one-click magnetic holder.

The only downside is that there is no charging function for the controllers.

Admittedly, the $80 that Kiwi charges for the Vertical Charging Stand is not exactly cheap. But compared to Meta’s charging station, which is almost twice as expensive, Kiwi’s alternative almost seems like a bargain. In any case, the price-performance ratio is significantly better than Meta’s official accessory, and anyone looking for a vertical charging stand with a no-frills design can buy one here without hesitation.

You can buy the Kiwi Vertical Charging Stand here

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