Getting a haircut is about to get a lot more interesting with Hairstyle AI


Gone are the days of regretting a new haircut or color. With Hairstyle AI, you can try on a variety of styles and colors without leaving the house.

The platform has already generated over 80,000 unique hairstyles for users, men and women alike. All you have to do is upload multiple headshots and Hairstyle AI will use its AI technology to generate 40 popular styles, ten colors, and 160 photo-realistic renders of your new look. You can see how you’ll look with each style and color combination, making it easier than ever to find a new haircut that matches your face and personality.

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Hairstyle AI works by training an AI model using Stable Diffusion and Dreambooth technology to create custom AI models for each user. It works similarly to the AI ​​portrait generators that appeared long before ChatGPT for the first smaller AI hype cycle.


Dreambooth training ensures that the faces look as accurate and realistic as possible. The downside is that it still takes several hours to complete. The hairstyles are conveniently accessible via a cloud-hosted photo gallery.

Privacy Matters

Hairstyle AI takes your privacy seriously. The platform stores users’ uploaded photos on an encrypted server and uses them only for hairstyle generation purposes.

However, they are committed to ensuring that all of your photos are deleted after 30 days, or sooner upon request, so you can explore different hairstyles without worry. This does mean that the model will have to be retrained if you want to try new hairstyles as they are released.

The Founder

Hairstyle AI is the brainchild of Nick Berns, a developer and marketer. He also owns an SEO agency serving clients in New Zealand. His other projects include Dream Lofi, an early AI software that creates AI artwork to accompany LoFi music.

Half German and half Russian, Nick has lived all over the world, but is currently based in Bali. “It turns out that marketing skills are a pretty good asset to have when building software businesses,” says Nick.


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