First flight simulation to take off ‘soonish’

Playstation VR 2: First flight simulation to take off 'soonish'

Picture: Bit Planet Games

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Ultrawings 2 is one of the best flying games for virtual reality and will soon fill a gap in the Playstation VR 2 portfolio.

The VR game was released in 2022 for Meta Quest 2 and PC VR headsets. Soon, owners of a Playstation VR 2 will also be able to take to the skies. Bit Planet Games confirmed on Twitter and Reddit that Ultrawings 2 is coming to the new headset.

Bit Planet Games describes Ultrawings 2 as an open worldaerial-themed game that features 5 distinct aircraft (including a helicopter) that you pilot to complete a variety of challenges. It also features a combat-focused campaign and 8-player online dogfighting.

According to Bit Planet Games, it will take over 30 hours to “beat” the game, and double that if you want to obtain all the gold medals.

Improved graphics and support for HOTAS 4

In terms of gameplay and style, the title, like its predecessor, is reminiscent of the N64 classic Pilot Wings 64which is more of an arcade game.

“The goal of the game was not to be a super realistic sim. We wanted it to feel real but without requiring endless hours of practice to become ‘good’ at the game. Accessibility was important to us,” the studio writes on Reddit.

Still, for more serious pilots, the game will support HOTAS 4 in addition to Sense controllers.

Apparently, the port will be based on the PC VR version instead of Quest version. The trailer above shows the PC VR version.

Bit Planet Games says the PSVR 2 version will use its own higher poly assets and feature real time lighting compared to the Quest version. Currently, the VR game runs at a native 90 frames per second, but the goal is a native 120 hertz with foveated rendering. The studio also promises to make extensive use of the headset’s haptics for an immersive flying experience.

The studio won’t reveal an exact release date just yet, but will name the price: Ultrawings will cost $19.99. A racing plane, which was introduced via paid DLC at the end of 2022, will be included in the purchase price.

For those interested: Two more flight games have been announced for Playstation VR 2: WW2 flight simulation Aces of Thunder and Project Wingman. Their release dates have not yet been set.

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