Bored Humans offers over 100 free basic AI tools as alternatives to popular paid tools



Bored Humans is an AI website with over 100 free tools, many of them basic alternatives to the more popular paid-for tools.

Bored Humans is a wide array of fun AI tools trained on a simple version of GPT that is free in various niches. Most of them are fun and novelty tools and don’t have a serious use case.

AI Image Generator

This tool lets you generate images from all the popular AI models but earlier models. Choose from Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, or Anything V4.

While this tool sounds like a great hack to avoid paying for multiple AI generators, the quality of the images is generally quite poor. We asked it to generate an image of Elon Musk standing on a cliff, thinking deeply about the universe.



It successfully understood the cliff. However, the image of Elon Musk was extremely limited and blurry. It was similar to earlier AI-generated images, and not like the sophisticated images that can be produced by Midjourney or Ideogram today.

Bild: Bored Humans prompted by THE DECODER

Blue Willow AI is a much better free alternative to the Bored Humans models.

AI-Generated Podcasts

The AI-generated podcasts are interesting. The information is presented by an authentic-sounding AI voice. However, they are somewhat limited by the fact that you cannot choose the topic.

The podcasts are pre-recorded, so you can click on them to hear what they’re about, rather than waiting for them to be generated.

Tools like Recast AI do a much better job of turning any written content into a more lively podcast between two speakers, if you want to create podcasts based on your content.


Bored Humans, Impulse Communications, Inc. was founded by Eric Borgos, a domain investor from the U.S. who has been developing Internet tools for over 25 years.


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