Blogging portal Medium bans AI content, saying it’s “a home for human writing”



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Updated August 2, 2023:

Medium has decided, “We are a home for human writing, full stop.” People prefer to read text written by people, argues Scott Lamb, Medium’s content director, on the company’s blog.

AI-assisted writing is “allowed” but no longer “welcome.” Text written entirely by AI isn’t a good fit for Medium at all, Lamb said.

“Even at its best, AI-generated text is bland, lacking in human wisdom, and filled with subtle deficiencies,” Lamb writes.


The current human-assisted filtering system would already catch a lot of AI content, which Medium would then stop distributing. Additional detection methods are under development.

Experimenting with AI content on your own Medium blog will still be allowed, so fully AI-generated content will not be deleted. But it won’t make you famous.

Medium is not a place for fully AI-generated stories, and 100% AI-generated stories will not be eligible for distribution beyond the writer’s personal network.

We currently allow the responsible use of AI-assistive technology on Medium. To promote transparency, and help set reader expectations, we require that any story incorporating AI assistance be clearly labeled as such. AI-assisted text without a disclosure at the beginning of the story (within the first two paragraphs), or other AI-generated content not labeled as such (for example, AI-generated images should include captioning identifying them as such, along with proper sourcing) will similarly be restricted to distribution on the writer’s personal network.

Excerpt from the Medium distribution guidelines

Article dated February 1, 2023:

Effective immediately, AI content on Medium must be flagged or it will not be distributed. This is just the first step of many, the platform said.

Recent advances in artificial intelligence and the tools available are forcing content platforms to expand their policies when it comes to AI. Examples include image platforms like Artstation and coding site Stackoverflow. After the coding forum was quickly flooded with a mass of low-quality ChatGPT responses, the platform now categorically rejects AI-generated comments.


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