Big changes are coming to Horizon Workrooms, both good and bad


Big changes are coming to Horizon Workrooms, both good and bad

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Meta Horizon Workrooms is losing its whiteboard feature and tracked keyboards but will get better meetings and window controls.


Horizon Workrooms changes

Horizon Workrooms is losing some of the features that set it apart from third-party solutions, like tracked keyboard, a shared whiteboard, chats with files and links. You’ll also lose the ability to customize rooms with posters and logos.

It’s not all bad news, however. Meta announced the changes coming on May 30, 2024 will bring some nice upgrades to booking meetings, invitations, and the ability to restrict access.

If you use Horizon Workrooms with the Meta Quest 3 or Quest Pro, the most intriguing additions will be resizable and repositionable windows and new VR environments.

Meta warns Horizon Workrooms users that have whiteboards, posters, logos, chats, files, and links to download that information, if you want to save it. Meta will delete that data after May 30, 2024.


Quest Pro’s stylus loss

The changes coming to Horizon Workrooms affect Quest Pro users the most. The Touch Pro stylus tip included with the Quest Pro was one of the unique features of Meta’s productivity-focused VR headset.

With the stylus tip inserted in place of the wrist strap of a Touch Pro, you can draw with the end of controller with pressure sensitivity affecting the width of the brush stroke. This feature is only supported by a few apps, most notably Horizon Workrooms and ShapesXR.

With the imminent demise of the whiteboard, the Quest Pro becomes slightly less useful due to a software update. It’s an unfortunate but understandable side-effect of progress and change.

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