Augmented Reality makes spinal surgery more precise, safer and faster

Augmented Reality makes spinal surgery more precise, safer and faster

Image: Helios Klinikum Berlin-Buch

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German Helios Klinikum Berlin-Buch uses AR for more precise spine surgery to achieve “perfect results”.


The Helios Klinikum Berlin-Buch is using Augmented Reality in spinal surgery. According to experts, the technology allows minimally invasive spinal stabilization surgeries to be performed more precisely, safely and quickly. Surgeons only need a standard tablet and the appropriate software to perform AR surgeries.

“A recent study showed that even experienced surgeons were not always able to set the ideal radii of curvature of the rods during surgery for severe spinal deformities without Augmented Reality,” said Prof. Dr. Yu-Mi Ryang, Head of Neurosurgery at the Helios Klinikum Berlin-Buch. “With the help of AR, virtually all surgeons were able to achieve a perfect result.”

An intervention in a patient's spine is performed using AR.

Helios Klinikum Berlin-Buch is one of the first German clinics to use AR and claims to have been reducing the strain of operations on patients for years. | Image: Helios Clinic Berlin-Buch


AR and VR in Healthcare: A growing market

The use of immersive technologies in medicine is no longer a rarity. In the US, a successful spinal surgery was recently performed using the Hololens 2 AR headset. VR and AR are also increasingly being used in medical training.

Medical students, for example, can use VR training to gain hands-on experience in treating diseases without the risk of infection.

One market research report predicts that VR and AR in healthcare could soon reach a $10 billion market. Increasing technological innovation and industrial expansion in recent years have driven the market growth of AR and VR in medicine.

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