AI-powered text-to-speech tool PlayHT offers custom voice cloning and collaboration features



PlayHT is another AI-powered text-to-speech (TTS) tool that started life as a voice tool for Medium.

PlayHT’s main use case is for creating podcasts. It provides a wide range of features, including extensive language and voice selection.

One of PlayHT’s best features is that it brings together text-to-speech voices from Google, Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft in one API.

It supports 132 languages and an impressive 832 voices in total as well as MP3 & WAV Export for easy uploading to platforms like Spotify and Apple Podcasts.



A unique feature of PlayHT, custom voice cloning enables users to create custom voice models. These are based on specific audio inputs, bringing an added layer of personalization to the table​.

PlayHT’s full support for Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) allows users to control various aspects of speech such as emphasis, speed, and pauses, resulting in nuanced and human-like speech output.

PlayHT provides secure cloud storage for synthesized audio files, allowing users to manage their files with ease and confidence. The software also provides tools for team access and collaboration. It allows an entire team to collaborate, share and create audio files together.

Use Cases

PlayHT’s AI-generated voices find applications in various fields. Marketers and content creators can utilize these voices for marketing, explainer, product, and YouTube videos​

The technology can be leveraged for e-learning purposes, narrating training materials with the correct pronunciation of terminologies and acronyms​.


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