Adobe announces custom Firefly models and new prompting features


Adobe has unveiled the latest features of its Firefly image generator at the Adobe Summit 2024.

With the “Structure Reference” prompt add-on, you can easily make new images that have the same layout as another image. By using an existing image as a template, you can create many different variations that all share the same basic structure.

You can also combine Structure Reference with the Style Reference feature. This allows you to copy both the structure and style of an image into new images you create. Adobe says this takes some of the randomness out of prompting.

Example of a structure prompt. The template on the left, along with a text prompt, was used to generate the image on the right. | Image: Adobe

According to Adobe, people have used Firefly to create more than 6.5 billion images since its launch March 2023. Later this year, Firefly will support audio, video, and 3D generation.



Custom Models and Firefly Services

Adobe is also introducing custom models for Firefly. This allows a company to train the AI to understand and use their specific design style. In an example with Coca-Cola, you can see the training images on the left and the AI’s creations on the right. Adobe says that 10-20 training images are enough to get good results.

Firefly offers custom models that can be branded with little data input. | Image: Adobe

Also new are Firefly Services, which provide more than 20 tools to help companies automatically create and modify content while controlling quality.

The services can adapt content for different uses, such as changing backgrounds for online stores or swapping languages for different countries. These features work within Adobe’s Creative Cloud applications and can be integrated into workflows.

Firefly services support localization and personalization, from adapting assets for different channels, to creating and extending backgrounds for merchandising and e-commerce, to exchanging backgrounds and languages for localization. The new capabilities are built into Adobe Creative Cloud applications and can be integrated into production workflows.

At the event, Adobe shared its vision for how brands can customize content for each person by putting AI and live data directly into its Experience Cloud and Creative Cloud products.


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