A GTA fan brought a piece of San Andreas to Meta Quest 2


A GTA fan brought a piece of San Andreas to Meta Quest 2

Image: Rockstar Games

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You can revisit Grove Street from GTA San Andreas in your Meta Quest 2, but the experience is rough.

The experimental tech demo is called Grove Street Home and was uploaded to Sidequest yesterday. I tried it out of curiosity.

You spawn in the middle of Grove Street and can move freely around the neighborhood via smooth locomotion. Probably for performance reasons, you can’t see far into the distance, and many atmospheric elements such as moving cars, regular pedestrians, and the dynamic day and night cycle are missing. Still, the VR experience doesn’t achieve a smooth frame rate.

You can spawn weapons and activate cheats in front of one of the houses. Outside your quarters, enemy members of the Ballas gang are waiting for you. You’re supposed to fight them. However, nothing happened when I pressed the trigger.

Despite the rough state of the demo, it lets you experience a memorable part of San Andreas in VR and from a first-person perspective, which should please one or two fans. If you don’t already have Sidequest installed on Meta Quest 2, I wouldn’t recommend downloading it until theĀ  demo has matured a bit.

GTA San Andreas for Meta Quest: Hope dies last

Playing the real GTA San Andreas on Meta Quest? This dream could still come true. An official VR port for Meta Quest 2 was announced almost two years ago, but since then, nothing has been heard about the mammoth project, which according to Meta has been in development for years.

If there is no update at the upcoming Meta Connect, you can safely consider it abandoned.

I wouldn’t be too surprised, though, because the technical challenges of such an implementation are enormous, as Grove Street Home shows. An open, vibrant, pulsating world like San Andreas might be too much for Meta Quest 2 to handle. Can the twice as powerful Meta Quest 3 do it? Hopefully we’ll hear some good news at Meta Connect 2023 on September 27th.

You can download Grove Street Home on Sidequest.

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